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Site Summary - Alive for 3 Months .. and counting!

How to convert a back room into a (very cramped) studio

I'm approaching the 3 month mark at thegamingcyclist and have uploaded a bunch of articles. It's a good time to "signpost" the newly arrived reader.

This blog came about as a way of storing my articles somewhere I wouldn't lose them (including my Freelance submissions). It was started the same week my friend Rupert Hirst started his blog based on the premise "If I can't buy, borrow or find something then I guess I will just have to make it!".  I've found Blogging to be quite good fun, so I've continued updating regularly.

Here is a summary of thegamingcyclist so far ...

Dragon Ride Preparation (featured weekly on the Dragon Ride Facebook and Twitter sites)

The Wiggle Dragon Ride has become the UK round of the UCI Golden Bike World Series, which is a big deal (to people involved in the UCI Golden Bike Series I suspect). To me this means nothing. The fact it's the hardest Dragon in history, with 3350m of climbing over 206km means I will have to prepare like a ninja warrior in order to survive the ordeal.

From the beginning of 2012 I have been charting my weekly exploits as I work (rather hard) towards slimming down and becoming slightly better than "Mostly Harmless".

The six weeks can be found at ...

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

3 Stone in 3 Months

So far I've managed to lose a stone in a month, and I'm feeling a lot stronger on the bike. I know I can trim down because I've done it before. When I got into cycling I managed to drop 3 Stone in 3 Months, trimming down from a portly 18 stone to 15 stone by riding ... lots. I wrote about the whole "getting into biking" experience and submitted it to Cycling Active in 2009. They decided to make it a feature article and I ended up with photographers coming to the house and taking action shots on the road.

You can read the long, unedited (self-absorbed) version here...

3 Stone in 3 Months

How to ride 100 miles at 20mph

For the more serious cyclist you can read about how I managed to ride over 20mph for more than a 100 miles. I would say that most people can ride at this pace, as long as you plan well and follow a few simple tips along the way. Oh, and make sure you're riding a flat route, it will help (but it doesn't help as much as you would like to think). You can read about that here ...

Breaking Evens

World of Warcraft, "The Attack of the Noob"
Before I got into cycling, I spent a lot of time playing and writing about First Person Shooters. I was Head Admin for ESReality during the emergence of E-Sports and covered competitions between Fatal1ty and other gamers that most of the readers here won't have heard of. Fatal1ty is the only gamer in the Western Hemisphere who has succeeded in transcending the E-Sports scene and has become a brand name. You will find his name inside a lot of high-spec home computers, emblazoned on Motherboards.

After leaving ESReality to work freelance for the Global Gaming League I started a series of articles on World of Warcraft. If you've heard of "WoW" but never played it, then now is your chance to find out what you're missing. The first of these can be read at ...

Attack of the Noob

An open letter to PC Gamer about their review score of Battlefield 3 (from a grumpy old man)

Recently, I've been cycling more than gaming. However, there is one PC game that deserves some of my attention, and that's Battlefield 3. PC Gamer gave the game a review score of 80%, which in my opinion is heresy! I wrote a letter to PC Gamer to which they replied by emailing me "You're clearly a great writer, would you like to write for us?" I replied "That's great, yes please, what would you like me to write?!" ... They never got back in touch, which I thought was rather rude. You can read the letter here ...

Dear PC Gamer

Dragon Ride articles featured in Cycling Weekly

For the hill-climbing cyclists reading this blog, or for those curious about the Dragon Ride, you can read my Cycling Weekly articles on the 2010 and 2011 ride here and here ...

Verenti Dragon Ride 2010

Wiggle Dragon Ride 2011

Shakespeare 100

And for anyone local to where I live, the Stratford 100 Sportive 2011 article is here ...

Shakespeare 100

Riding a fixed gear bike (featured in Cycling Active)

If you're interested in what a Fixie is like to ride, you can read my Cycling Active article here ...

Fixed Ambitions

Warwickshire Hill Climb Championship

I ride with Mike Vaughan Cycles, who are a brilliant bunch of riders to chew up the miles with. Having been drawn into their world, I found myself going along to the Warwickshire qualifier for the National Hill Climb Championship. Matt Clinton, former National Hill Climb Champion rides with Mike Vaughan, and he went along as well. You can read about it here ...

Warwickshire Hill Climb Championship 2011

My First Winter (featured in Cycling Active)

If you want to know what it's like to ride through the winter, then this may be the article for you. I think its a good read and worth a look if you have 20 minutes to kill.

My first Winter

And that just about wraps things up. There are a few more articles dotted around the blog, which can be found by hitting the label buttons just underneath the title banner. Which leaves me with nothing more to say than welcome, and please support me by clicking on the sponsors if you like the blog!

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