Thursday, 27 September 2012

£40 Bicycle Workstand Review

Continuing in this months assault on decadence, I scrape a few pennies together and buy a brand new workstand off EBay. Purchased with a view to future bike builds, there's plenty of product testing to be done cleaning up my Flyxii and reassembling the Trek.

"Pop outside for a long stand me old mukka"

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Steve Malone's take on Cheap Chinese Carbon builds

Insane in the membrane
In this article, Steve Malone explains how he went from a Stig lookalike to a "skinny" road rider. He also describes his experiences with his first ever Cheap Chinese Carbon Frame bike build.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Coming Soon. Is it a good idea to buy carbon directly from China?

Flyxii Frame. Flyxii Bars. Undamaged cardboard box. But will they work?

We've all heard about them, and some of us have been tempted by the promise of cheap carbon with no apparent shortcomings. But are the new crop of Chinese factory outlets selling carbon bike products worth the gamble?

I have almost completed my journey from placing orders with Flyxii to placing my bum on the finished bike. In fact, the only thing i'm waiting for right now is a seatpost ... from the UK!

When I've had time to ride the bike, I shall write a detailed article on just how good or bad the experience was.

Watch this space....