Monday, 6 February 2012

Dragon 2012 Preparations. Week 5

This week I've mostly been eating Lard...

Ok, I'm supposed to be charting my progress towards amazing fitness and supreme cycling ability. But after a month of abstinance and constant exercise I've needed to loosen the belt buckle and chuck a few pies down the hatch ... repeatedly ... to excess if I was being frank.

This week won't go down as my most inspirational, and I'm struggling at this point to really find a positive point. What I can say is this ... tomorrow will be back to good old fashioned pain and suffering.

 I really don't want to dwell on this week, I'm not even going to weigh myself as I suspect I've done myself some serious damage on the belly front. What I don't need to do is despair.

What I should be focussing on this week is the progress I've made over 4 long weeks of hard graft...

In the first week I laid out my mission. The 2012 Dragon Ride will require a svelt mountain goat of a rider to complete it in a respectable time, in order to become this trim creature I have set myself a goal of losing at least a couple of stone before the big race (Sportive! Not race .. Sportive!).

To this end I began a gruelling campaign of tortuous exercise. You can read about Week 1 here.

In the second week I became insanely motivated. It's fair to say that during my second week I did more exercise than I have ever done in that space of time. I ran to work and back more than once! Just one return journey totals half a marathon and I only started properly running this year! Read about that insane week here.

After such a gruelling update, I throttled back during week 3 and spoke a bit about the Apps I use to aid my exercise goals. It's hard doing a weekly update without falling back on a "Hungry Caterpillar" approach of .... "On monday I ate a leaf. On Tuesday I ate a cucumber ...." Read about week 3 here.

And then I come to the moment of clarity. A week in time whereby everything fell into place. If there was one week you decided to read about, then this would be it. This week would take the Pepsi challenge with any other week of your choosing. It would probably fit quite tidily into a Gospel it was that important ... so long as the gospel was about cycling and not too religious. You can read about week 4 here. The most interesting thing about the week 4 article is actually the advice given to me by a T-1000 Terminator. A guy so fit he is even more powerful and more dangerous than a Vegan.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the month of January is actually nothing to do with exercise. It's not even giving up smoking, which I managed to give up on New Years Eve. That pales into insignificance next to my main achievement.

The real revelation is that for the first time since having a hairy chest, I've managed a whole month without alcohol. Believe me, that is bordering on an achievement greater than any of Hercules' 12 so-called "labours".

If you've been working hard through January, take it from me .... have a break. See you next week for more pain!

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